Sargiacomo Archive

Filippo Sargiacomo (1830-1922) was born in Lanciano and graduated in Naples in 1854 in Architecture and Engineering. His career started in his native town where he held several public offices and in 1868 he was nominated municipal architect. He played a fundamental role in urban development and architectural redevelopment of the town. In 1879 he was commissioned to draw up the first regulatory plan to improve sanitary measures, road networks and several public and private buildings. He realised Corso Trento e Trieste, Plebiscito Square and Pietrosa Square. He also restored places of worship; the most important was the restoration of the Cathedral ‘Madonna del Ponte’ in 1870. He renovated the Palace of Justice in 1862, designed the enlargement of the Municipality building (1870-1874) and in 1870 he planned the new road paving in via del Popolo, via dei Frentani and Plebiscito Square. He worked in other towns too, always receiving acknowledgments and certificates of esteem from the administrators for his excelled works. In April 1911 he was appointed Chief Engineer of the Technical Office of the Municipality. He retired at the age of 91.

His archive was preserved into his residence ‘Palazzo de Giorgio’, where he studied, designed and lived. When he died all his precious documents and projects were split up, a part of them was moved in Venice but cause of a fire it was damaged and lost, while the documents  in Lanciano were abandoned to neglect. In November 1999 thanks to a Municipality disposition the archive has been declared of considerable historical interest and temporarily preserved in the State Archives in Lanciano where it was entirely rearrangement.