Museum Centre



  • Reception of the users, listening to their needs and provision of information.
  • Assistance in the use of the museum services.
  • Elaboration of proposals for solving problems in the use of the services.

Guided tours

The entrance is free. Booking 24h in advance it is possible to reserve a guided tour of the ancient structure and the museum rooms.


Groups 1-4 people € 20,00

Groups 5-10 people € 30,00

Groups 10-20 people € 50,00

Visiting assistance

  • Guide in English of the Archaeological Museum
  • “Anxavventure”: educational guide for children of the Archaeological Museum
  • Catalogue of the exhibition “Lo Splendore dell’immagine”

Educational services

The Museum Centre offers a wide choice of workshops for schools of all levels which can be consulted in the didactic section.

Thematic Workshops for adults and children

Periodically are organised workshops, activities, parties for special events, courses both for children and adults (consult our Facebook page and website).

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